How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoes


Selecting the right hiking boots is a process that is worth going through since it increases your chances of enjoying your is important for the boots to be a perfect fit. There are three aspects that you need to focus on when choosing the right boots. Always consider the fit, type of boots and the components of the hiking shoes. The best hiking boots fit properly. Improperly fitting shoes will cause you to have blisters especially when you hike for long distances.
Hiking is already difficult due to the terrain that you have scale. Having poor shoes can hinder your enjoyment. In fact, you can end up hating the hiking experience when it was supposed to be fun. There are hiking shoes and hiking boots that are excellent for hiking in the day while others work well during other times. You need to get mid to high-range models. They flex easily and have a little break in time. They are however less durable and have less support compared to the backpack hike boots. Backpack hiking boots on the other hand are excellent for multi-days hikes. They offer the best support for heavy loads and are strong and durable. They have stiff midsoles and light footwear.

 Apart from the type of shoes and hiking socks you need to consider the components of the hiking boots.  The best hiking shoes have full grain leather. Full grain leather is durable and abrasion resistant with high water resistance. This feature works excellently in backpack boots. It is meant for long trips and heavy loads. You need useful break-in time. Waterproof membranes is another feature that great hiking shoes should have. This feature helps keep your feet dry even in wet conditions.

You can also go for hiking shoes midsoles. These are made to provide cushioning to the feet. It buffers the feet from shock and will determine how stiff a boot will be. Stiff boots prevent wearing out even if it wraps around a tree or rock. Material used for midsoles include ethylene vinyl acetate and polyurethane. Eva is less expensive and light but provides firm support whereas polyurethane is durable and firmer making it excellent for mountaineering. 

When choosing the right fit for your foot you should find shoes that are comfortable. You should try out the shoes to find the perfect fit. Always wear boots that fit you appropriately. Hiking should be a fun experience, do not let poorly fitting shoes hinder that.

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